Customized Testing & Reporting

Testing Summary

Carolina Filters’ customized testing processes follow and adhere to ISO 9001:2008 standards, providing you with excellent quality results and data. To determine whether a filter is clean and useable, we perform visual inspections and take pressure measurements as well as perform specific tests, which include:

Customized Testing & Reporting
  • Bump Slide Analysis
  • Bump Testing
  • Dry Air Pressure Testing
  • Videoscope Inspection
  • Weights
  • Wetted Air Flow Testing

Because of our status as a world leader in filter cleaning technology (we offer DEECOM® technology), we recognize the vital importance that precision and accuracy play in all areas of filter testing and evaluation. For this reason, our specialized equipment is maintained properly to perform the above tests on all standard filter elements and provide real-world results that you can count on.

When we are challenged with unique filter configurations, we have our own in-house engineering and fabrication services, which are utilized to develop testing methodologies and produce meaningful results.

Our Testing Goals are:

  • To Validate that the integrity of the filter is sufficient that the filter may be put back into service and still produce non-defective products.
  • To Evaluate the filter in a non-destructive fashion to ensure cleanliness and continued functionality.

Customized Reporting Summary

Test results can be overly technical for many people in business who do not have an engineering background. Creating customized reports to convey this information in an easier-to-understand fashion helps bridge this gap, which is why our reporting process goal is to provide documentation on the integrity, condition, and status of your filters. We also offer testing and reporting for Fire Damper Inspection.

Customized Reporting Summary

We can report test information in a number of ways based on our client's needs. Reports typically include a variety of information including:

  • Filter Set Identification
  • Individual Test Values by Serial Number
  • Testing Criteria
  • Micron Rating and Filter Manufacturer
  • Number of Cleaning Cycles
  • Filter Set Statistics

Carolina Filters maintains an extensive database of reports and provides historical information on individual filters or sets upon request. Contact us today!