Indoor Air Quality Division

Indoor Air Quality DivisionWhen it comes to assuring quality air in hospitals, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities, our clients know they can trust Carolina Filters to provide the highest level of service along with a strong dedication to client satisfaction. That is why we have become such an industry leader in managing filtration systems and cleaning HVAC systems.

Our Air Quality Services

To provide our clients with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Services we offer a wide range of Indoor Air Quality services. They include:

Our Air Quality Services
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Air handling unit (AHU) cleaning
  • Bag house cleaning and changing
  • Coil cleaning
  • Combustible dust cleaning
  • Cooling tower cleaning
  • Exhaust system cleaning
  • Fire damper inspection and certification
  • IAQ audits
  • Industrial painting and coating
  • Kitchen hood cleaning
  • Overhead cleaning
  • Related HVAC preventative maintenance
  • Turnkey air filter service

We also provide a wide range of air and liquid filtration products from leading manufacturers. These products include medium and high efficiency air filters, carbon filters and HEPA filters. These filters are used in HVAC systems for healthcare, industrial and commercial applications to help maintain a high quality indoor environment.

Why Our Approach Offers Superior Quality

Clients trust Carolina Filters to provide superior air quality services because they know that we have the technology and industry expertise to provide the highest level of service. Our IAQ division offers HVAC technological engineering experience, product knowledge, and a “hands on” approach to problem-solving that allows us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations for indoor air quality.

Why Our Approach Offers Superior Quality

We help our clients address any challenges or problems they come across so they can continue to provide their building occupants with high quality indoor air. Through services such as our constant monitoring of the air filtration systems and routine cleanings, our service teams offer our clients measurable value and a quality investment in their HVAC systems.

When it comes to indoor air quality, our clients trust Carolina Filters to provide the experience and expertise necessary to deliver the highest quality service. Those who are interested in seeing how they can benefit from our services should contact us to schedule an appointment.