Industrial Painting and Coating

Industrial companies need painting and coating services to restore equipment and surfaces, protecting them from the regular wear of industrial use. We believe our years of experience in industrial cleaning serves as a strong benefit to our painting and coating services.

Why You Need a Painting Company Skilled in Cleaning

Before we even start on the painting or coating process, the preparation work of cleaning each surface to be painted is very important. If the company you hire fails to clean thoroughly before painting or coating, you will face a number of problems down the road:

  • Blistering and peeling paint
  • Discoloration from underlying contaminates
  • Mold and corrosion due to poor coating resistance

When your surface is not cleaned to the appropriate level before painting, the paint simply does not adhere correctly. This causes blistering, bubbling, or peeling away as the paint clings to the surface of the dirt instead of the surface the paint is intended to coat. Down the road, this will allow rust, mold, and corrosion to occur when the coating becomes compromised. Some contaminates can mix with the paint and also cause discoloration on your surfaces.

At Carolina Filters, we are knowledgeable in the best methods of industrial cleaning, with years of experience backing us. This experience lays the groundwork for our excellent industrial painting and coating services. Some of the common tasks we perform before even beginning to paint, include:

  • Overhead cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Scraping and brushing
  • Covering equipment to prevent overspray and misting

Helping You Find the Best Solution

Once the initial prep work of cleaning has been completed and checked, we are there to paint or coat the surfaces you want protected and revitalized. There are many types of paint and coatings at our disposal for each painting application, so we help you consider what will best fit your company needs. Some of the things we ask you to consider before we make our suggestions include:

  • Conditions pertaining to corrosion and industry environment
  • Level of protection needed for performance
  • Surface materials being painted and coated
  • Best painting and coating application methods

We want your paint job to be durable and long-lasting, so we take our industrial painting jobs seriously. We will work with you to ensure the methods and materials used are best for your specific needs, so contact us today!