Industrial Painting and Coating

To complement our years of industrial cleaning, Carolina Filters offers painting in industrial and commercial settings.

Prep Work

The preparation work preformed before beginning the painting process is one of the biggest factors in determining the overall performance of the coating.

Improper cleaning before painting can lead to problems like:

• Paint blistering and peeling
• Discoloration due to contaminants being mixed with the paint or coating
• Mold and corrosion resistance problems

Common tasks we perform to properly clean and prepare the area before beginning to paint include:

• Overhead cleaning
• Pressure washing
• Scrapping and brushing
• Covering equipment to prevent overspray

Carolina Filters, Inc. takes this step seriously to ensure the paint does not fail prematurely. Our trained technicians have years of experience performing these tasks in all types of industrial and commercial facilities.


When choosing the correct paint, there are many things to consider:

• Corrosion and different industry conditions
• Protectiveness needed for the application
• The type of surface being painted and coated
• Best method to apply the paint/coating

Carolina Filters will help you with choosing the best paint or coating option to meet your specific needs. We will use the proper methods to apply the paint so you receive a durable long lasting paint job.

Call us today for any of your painting and coating needs!