Oven Burnout

Carolina Filters provides oven burnout processes for various parts, contaminants, and applications. Available processes include normal burnout and controlled burnout procedures.

Oven Burnout


• Dies
• Pipes
• Filters
• Mixers
• Pumps
• Vessels
• Pack Parts
• Heat Exchangers

Oven Burnout Parts


• Oils
• Carbon
• Polymer
• Organics


• Film
• Fiber
• Food & Dairy
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Chemical / Intermediates

Oven Burnout
CFI takes care in understanding the chemistry of the contaminant and the metallurgy & design of the part in determining the parameters of the oven process. When needed, the oven can be operated by part temperature using ramp and heat soak cycles for delicate parts such as heat exchanges. Charts and graphs showing temperature profiles for the run can be provided.

CFI has multiple ovens for handling a variety of part sizes and configurations, as well as, work capacity.


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