Pack & Spinneret Cleaning

Packs, spinnerets, and associated equipment have special cleaning needs. Carolina Filters, Inc. is proud of the unique pack and spinneret cleaning capabilities that have earned our company its esteemed reputation in the synthetic fiber industry.

Carolina Filters’ advanced cleaning process consists of unique attributes in terms of both our system and services for packs and spinneret, as well as associated equipment. These include:

Carolina Filters Cleaning System

  • Customized cleaning process for each application
  • 100% inspection of all pack parts and spinneret capillaries
  • Complete removal of polymer, carbon, oxides, etc. from capillaries
  • Controlled environment furnaces, salt baths or solvent cleaning, as needed

Carolina Filters Cleaning Service

  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Dedicated facility for spinneret and pack cleaning
  • Operated by technicians specifically trained in spinneret cleaning
  • Offers design and construction of specialized cleaning systems for remote locations

What are the Advantages of Pack and Spinneret Cleaning With Carolina Filters?

The dedicated facility at Carolina Filters provides a practical, affordable, and all-around superior alternative to in-house pack and spinneret processes. Our highly trained, technical team of chemists carefully selects cleaning formulations, which are compatible with the metallurgy of each part to deliver optimal results. Benefits include:

  • Reductions in fiber break rates
  • Increased pack life
  • More predictable fiber uniformity

As spinnerets have become increasingly complex, so have cleaning requirements. Carolina Filters has evolved with spinneret technology to offer unparalleled cleaning that is both convenient and cost effective. Contact us today to learn more about how our precision cleaning system and services can meet your pack and spinneret cleaning needs.