Parts Cleaning Service

Carolina Filters offers parts cleaning services to keep your industrial equipment operating in top shape. We offer these cleaning services to companies operating equipment, manufacturing parts, or assembling units from parts and want to ensure the parts are in prime condition.

Our Cleaning Process

Each part is carefully cleaned with a process designed to thoroughly clean out all crevices and remove particle contaminates. Our cleaning processes for parts include:

Our Cleaning Process

  • Removing metal fines
  • Metal finishing and polishing
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Salt bath cleaning
  • Polymer and plastics removal
  • Descaling and pickling
  • Solvent and chemical cleaning
  • Slurry flushing and polishing
  • Passivation
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Oxygen service processing

The specific processes that we will use for each part are chosen to best clean your equipment and products based on its material and use. Our years of experience in the industrial cleaning industry allow us to provide the very best individualized industrial cleaning services to you.

Parts Cleaning

We offer a number of processes that can handle nearly any material and part size. Some of the most common parts and equipment that we handle include:

Parts Cleaning Service
  • Static mixers
  • Canisters, vessels, and housings
  • Extruder screws and dies
  • Pumps
  • Metal fasteners and metal inserts
  • Screws, rivets, bushings, nuts, and studs
  • Cast parts
  • Heat exchangers: shell and tube, finned units, and coils
  • Piping with and without internal mixers

We can clean nearly any part for any industrial job. We also offer a number of processes for metallurgy materials, including:

  • 300-series stainless
  • Hastelloys, Monel, Inconels, and other exotic alloys
  • Aluminum
  • Soft alloys including brass
  • Titanium
  • Tool and carbon steels
  • Precipitation hardened metals
  • Plastic components

When you need equipment parts or products cleaned, contact us at Carolina Filters! We can work directly with you to determine the best process for each part to remove the oil, wax, soil, grease, solder flux, or any other residue contaminating your equipment.