Process Equipment Cleaning Division

Filter cleaning technology and science have been continuously refined since the early 1980’s. Carolina Filters brings clients the latest in technology and technique to assure each client that they are receiving unmatched cleaning services. As an ISO 9001 certified and worldwide leader in filter cleaning technology, our Process Equipment Cleaning Division offers our clients the highest standard of care when it comes to cleaning services for the polymer and chemical processing industries.

Our Cleaning Services

We offer clients a full range of cleaning services. From cleaning of standard filters used in polyester and nylon services, to custom filters used in critical pharmaceutical applications, we have the advanced technology and extensive experience to get it clean and ready for use.

Our High Quality Service

Our High Quality Service

At Carolina Filters, we work with a team of chemists and filter application engineers to determine the most efficient and environmentally friendly process available for a particular job. We use only the latest techniques in the industry, which allows us to remain on top of all our client demands. We also offer clients a cost effective alternative to in-house cleaning while simultaneously producing cleaning performance levels that exceed those of most in-house cleaning processes.

With such a wide range of cleaning techniques available, we are able to tailor our process for each application. We will carefully review each filter construction, media type, and contaminant in order to determine the best solution for a particular client.

When it comes to processing equipment and cleaning filters, the highest degree of competence and expertise is required. This is why so many clients come to Carolina Filters. If you are interested in learning more about how our services might able to benefit you, contact us today to speak with a professional or schedule an appointment.