Recycling Shattered Metal Powder

Recycling Shattered Metal Powder

Carolina Filters, Inc. (CFI) is committed to "green" technologies that are economical and provide benefit to the environment. 'Shattered Metal Reclamation' is one of Carolina Filters' "Green Solutions" that provides fiber producers an option to convert an expensive consumable into a re-usable resource.

Shattered metal powder is utilized by the synthetic fiber industry as the most effective method of removing gels and, thus, producing high quality fiber. 

Shattered metal powders
Recycling Shattered Metal Powder• provide a high porosity media bed & longer on-stream life
• resist channeling of the polymer flow
• non-reactive

Virgin shattered metal powder
• is expensive to purchase
• has increasing waste disposal costs for the spent shattered metal powder. 

To help mitigate these increasing costs, Carolina Filters has developed a reclamation process that removes all polymeric and non-polymeric contaminants from polymer encapsulated shattered metal powder. 

Once reclaimed, the viability of shattered metal powder is confirmed to meet customer specifications utilizing:

• apparent density 
• sieve analysis and
• organic analysis testing. 

Benefits of using reclaimed shattered metal powder are:
Shattered Metal Powder
• lower costs than the virgin metal powder
• reduction or elimination of waste disposal fees associated with discarding polymer encapsulated shattered metal powder
• shorted lead times in procuring shattered metal powder
• availability of specialty grades
• implementation of a sustainable, green process

Carolina Filters, Inc. will occasionally have a surplus of reclaimed metal inventory. Please contact us to check availability of grades such as:



Other Grades may be available on request.

COA's are provided with each shipment that include:

• Apparent density
• Sieve Analysis
• Organics

For more information please contact us at 1-800-849-5646