Solvent Cleaning

Many industries required specialized cleaning processes and technologies – and many around the world have turned to Carolina Filters, Inc. for our solvent cleaning processes. Solvent cleaning is an effective method of removing many contaminants, including oil, grease, grime, rust, and paint.

Solvent Cleaning

When it comes to specific cleaning processes, such as metal cleaning, electronics cleaning, and precision cleaning, identifying the proper solvents and using them effectively is important. At Carolina Filters, we have extensive expertise in choosing the best cleaning solvent for our clients’ cleanliness needs while still meeting safety, environmental, and financial goals.

Our Solvent Cleaning Process at Carolina Filters

When it comes to solvent cleaning, there are a number of important tasks that present a challenge to anyone in the parts cleaning industry:

  • Accounting for the contaminant.
  • Determining the most efficient, effective, and economical cleaning equipment.
  • Deciding on proper solvents.
  • Defining the level of cleanliness.

In response to this challenge, our Carolina Parts Cleaning division has created a solvent cleaning process designed to meet your specific needs effectively, efficiently, and economically. We have the experience and knowledge to offer your business a wide variety of solvent parts cleaning methods and solutions. Our Solvent Cleaning Process includes:

  • Understand the client's product and what role the part plays in that product.
  • Understand what the contaminant(s) are for each product & part, as well as how they interact with other parts.
  • Understand what the client's definition of clean is exactly, including any quantifiable cleanliness standards that must be met.
  • Identify the appropriate cleaning chemistry and processing methodology to develop a customized cleaning process and solution that gets the job done right the first time.
  • Establish logistics and packaging protocols to help keep your operation working as efficiently as possible.

At Carolina Filters, we have provided industries around the world with top-tier filtering and cleaning services (including Thermal cleaning) since 1980. We offer a wide variety of solvent parts cleaning methods to suit your specific needs, including agitating washers, solvent and aqueous chemistries, ultrasonics, and thermal cleaning. Whatever the contaminants you need cleaned, look no further than Carolina Filters, Inc; contact us today.