Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

Carolina Filters, Inc. offers a complete spectrum of industrial ultrasonic cleaning services, utilizing a variety of unit sizes, cleaning solutions, and transducer types and frequencies. At Carolina Filters, we realize that every part is different and has different cleaning requirements. Our team of experts is committed to customizing the optimal ultrasonic cleaning solution for your particular needs.

What is Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning uses non-audible, high frequency waves to rapidly and completely remove contaminants from objects when immersed in a tank of liquid. The resulting scrubbing brush action performs the following cleaning functions:

  • Physical removal of particulates from filters and surfaces.
  • Flushing out of particulates by pushing chemicals and rinse waters into small openings.
  • Passivation of small nesting parts.

Depending on the specific part and contaminant, the Carolina Filters team selects piezoelectric or magnetostrictive units ranging between 16KHz and 40 KHz.

At Carolina Filters, we don’t just use ultrasonic technology to remove particulates. Our units are designed to collect particulates for evaluation and assessment.

What Parts are Typically Cleaned with Ultrasonic Cleaning Services?

Why Choose Carolina Filters for Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Needs?

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning is not a one-size-fits-all service. We are committed to determining the best cleaning method for your particular part or machine. This involves the following:

  • Understanding each product and part.
  • Assessing the contaminant(s) for each product and part.
  • Acknowledging and prioritizing your definition of clean, including any and all quantifiable cleanliness standards.
  • Identifying the appropriate cleaning chemistry and processing methods
  • Establishing logistics and packaging protocols.

While evaluating these comprehensive factors can be a challenge to anyone in the parts cleaning industry, the Carolina Filters team is committed to offering the most efficient and effective processes to reach and exceed your expectations. In addition to ultrasonic parts cleaning solutions, Carolina Filters offers a full range of parts cleaning services, including both solvent and thermal techniques.Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your cleaning goals.