Carolina Filters was founded in 1968. Over the years, our unwavering commitment to providing excellence in indoor air quality (IAQ) products and services has led to our reputation as an industry leading provider.

Now operating three distinct service divisions, Carolina Filters provides a wide range of products and services to clients across a broad spectrum of different industries.

Industries Served

Every enclosed structure — from the humblest home to the tallest skyscraper and everything in between — requires some sort of HVAC or air circulation.

The needs of facilities in certain industries are greater than those of others, a natural result of their different uses. For example, factory facilities utilizing processes with potentially dangerous chemicals will require more robust filtration systems than large office buildings. Large office buildings, with a very large volume of incoming people, require stronger HVAC systems than a three-unit condominium building.

Carolina Filters specializes in providing filters and cleaning services for exactly these types of high- and unique-needs industries, such as:


The indoor air quality needs of the healthcare industry are of the utmost importance. Not only are the highest quality filtration systems required to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens, but they must be maintained impeccably — even small buildups of mold or pockets of dust can worsen patients’ conditions.

University hospitals
Rehabilitation centers
Assisted and senior living centers
Hospice care center
Medical administrative offices


With the huge volumes of people that come and go in commercial environments, high quality indoor air quality systems and regular maintenance schedules are a must for any commercial operator.

Government and other administrative buildings
Military bases
Religious buildings

Industrial & Manufacturing

By their nature, many manufacturing and other industrial processes create airborne contaminants — metal shavings and dust, chemical fumes, and so on. For both employee safety and proper functioning of equipment and processes, stringent air quality control measures are a must.

Automotive manufacturing plants
Aerospace facilities
Paper mills
Polymer, fiber, yarn, and carpet manufacturing facilities
Tobacco plants
Pharmaceutical facilities


Our nation’s children and young adults spend a great amount of their time at school, not to mention their hardworking teachers and support staff. To ensure that kids stay healthy so they can focus on their education, educational institutions should use efficient indoor air quality filtration systems and maintain them regularly.

Elementary, middle, and high schools
Public and private universities
Administrative offices

Services Provided

Carolina Filters offers an expansive range of products and services, each specifically selected for their applications in high importance scenarios of these, and other, demanding industries.

IAQ Division

Our Indoor Air Quality Division supplies a substantial selection of air filters from reputable manufacturers, including heavy duty panel filters, paint booth filters, rigid-air filters, HEPA filters, and more. They also supply a range of liquid filters.

The services provided by the IAQ Division rival the products they offer in terms of scope. They offer important diagnostic services, such as fire damper inspections and IAQ audits. A range of specialized on-site cleaning services are also offered: HVAC system, air duct, overhead, and more.

Parts Cleaning Division

Working in our ISO 9001 certified facility, our Parts Cleaning Division offers all of the parts cleaning services you could need — media blasting, degreasing, paint stripping, thermal cleaning, ultrasonic, and aqueous and solvent chemistries. They also maintain a clean room and offer advanced testing and evaluation services.

Process Equipment Cleaning Division

The Process Equipment Cleaning Division offers an array of advance cleaning services: from filter cleaning and configuration to oven burnout; from oxygen cleaning to DEECOM processing; and from specialized part-specific cleaning to polymer and chemical industry-specific cleaning processes.

To learn more about how Carolina Filters can meet your highly specialized HVAC or air circulation needs, contact us today.