Breaker Plates

Cleaning Breaker Plates

Extrusion breaker plates play a vital role in the extrusion process and keeping them clean is essential for the efficiency and quality of the extrusion operation. During the extrusion process, the breaker plates serve as coarse filtration to remove large contaminants, give uniform flow, and protect critical downstream equipment such as fine filtration systems and die heads. Proper, routine cleaning of breaker plates contributes to the production of high-quality extruded products by preventing contamination and flow restrictions caused by buildups in on the plates.

While extrusion breaker plates can appear to be robust enough to clean in uncontrolled high temperature furnaces, these parts often are manufactured with precision perforations and delicate surface coatings which can be negatively affected by aggressive cleaning methods that utilize high temperatures to burn out polymer. Protecting these machined perforations and delicate coatings is critical to ensure that the extrusion breaker plate is performing to manufacturers specifications. Carolina Filters performs safe, controlled methods of cleaning breaker plates that will ensure the integrity of the part and its coating.

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