Specialty Chemicals and Intermediates

What we see

From catalyst cake filtration to cross-flow bundles and final product filtration, Carolina Filters has been a trusted expert in filter cleaning for chemical plants across the globe. Applications of metallic filtration in the specialty chemical industry include wire mesh filters, wedgewire screens, porous metal elements, and non-woven fiber metal media. 

What we do

Carolina Filters consistently solves the toughest cleaning and integrity-validation challenges in a wide range of applications. By understanding the methods behind the filter manufacturing process to the application of the filter itself, Carolina Filters uses reliable and consistent processes to clean and evaluate metallic filters. 

A leading chemical manufacturer in Asia uses a porous metal cross-flow bundle manufactured in the US. Carolina Filters added value to both the end user and the manufacturer by developing integrity and cleanliness testing procedures for a new and used bundle. This process allowed the end user to understand the shortfalls of their current in-situ cleaning and quantify the level of cleanliness of their equipment. 

"Throughout my career at Carolina Filters, our unwavering commitment to new and cutting edge technology has established us as the world's leader in metallic filter cleaning and testing."



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