Water Treatment and Utilities

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Water treatment systems are vital to maintaining the purity of water for a diverse range of applications. Whether it's for use in industrial processes or providing clean water to communities, effective water treatment systems are crucial. Facilities engaged in water processing utilize a variety of filter elements and parts to tackle contaminants and maintain water purity. Over time, these components may become over ladened with contaminants which reduces both their effectiveness and lifespan. Through the application of our cleaning processes, we can eliminate contaminants to ensure these critical processes remain unhindered.

Carolina Filters partners with a variety of water treatment sites including municipal facilities and industrial manufacturers. For these facilities, we assist with cleanings for a range of critical components for both their primary treatment processes as well as auxiliary process like air scrubbing. Examples of parts we treat include metal filter elements, spargers, scrubber pads, venturi pads, pipes, heat exchangers, cooling tower media, and drift eliminators. In addition, we host numerous testing methods for validation of cleanliness and integrity.


What we do

Within the sphere of water treatment there are numerous organic and inorganic contaminants Carolina Filters excels in eliminating. Scaling and rust present a persistent challenge to the effectiveness of equipment and parts used in most treatment processes. From heat exchangers to spargers, built up contaminants often pose a significant hindrance to operations. With our array of technologies and treatments Carolina Filters can not only eliminate these buildups, but also reduce the likelihood of future buildups taking root.

Through our tenure with the industry, we have been able to assist not only with equipment directly involved in treatment of the water, but also auxiliary systems such air scrubbers for removal of biosolid contaminants. For these systems, components such as wire mesh scrubbers and venturi pads become less effective as contaminant accumulates. Through our cleaning processes we can eliminate these contaminants to return the pads to a like new state.

To ensure the best possible outcome for each cleaning, we take a structured approach to tailor engineering the ideal cleaning process for each application. We demonstrated this approach when a municipal water supply group from Canada reached out to Carolina Filters to evaluate porous metal spargers. Prior to cleaning, Carolina Filters established baseline testing to quantify the level of contamination, then collaborated with the site engineers to understand what contamination could be present in the elements. After an extensive internal R&D process, Carolina Filters utilized its molten salt bath cleaning to gently remove the contaminant. This project prevented the municipality from having to purchase new porous metal spargers.

Equally important to the cleaning itself is validation of complete contaminant removal and ensuring sufficient integrity remains for use in process. We offer a range of validation testing for filter elements as well as many tests for various parts and equipment.

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