Carolina Filters specializes in the technical cleaning of various types of process equipment. From high value metallic filters, to heat exchangers unable to be cleaned in place, to highly-specialized process equipment, our technical capability supports nearly every industry. 

Specialized process equipment

  • ETTLINGER Screens by MAAG. Customized filter screen cleaning for recycling applications.
  • Jelly Cooker Cleaning (coming soon). Candy scale, jellying agent, and general debris removal from cookers. 

Engineered testing processes

  • Enhanced Flow Test (coming soon). Identifying the degree of localization of porosity for PET resin melt filters. 
  • Dry Air ΔP (coming soon). Quantifying the degree of cleanliness in porous metal blowback filters.

Industries we serve

  • Adiponitrile Manufacturing (coming soon). Cleaning of blowback filters in ADN manufacturing. 
  • PET Film Conversion (coming soon). New filter cleaning processes removing oils, slag, and metal debris.

Solutions we provide

  • Filter Vessel Assembly (coming soon). Complete filter canister assembly with pressure test.
  • Additive and Solids Removal (coming soon). Physical and chemical processes to remove polymer additives.

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