Physical/Chemical Cleaning

How it works

Contaminants of all types can remain embedded in the deepest parts of filter media and metallic components, even after many cycles of cleaning. By delivering the cleaning chemistry to the contaminant, Carolina Filters can provide effective and consistent deep cleaning of filters with nominal media ratings as low as 0.5 microns.

What we do

From technical additives used in polymer applications to embedded organics remaining from refining applications, Carolina Filters solves challenges across many industries with an engineered physical/chemical cleaning process. 

An international leader in PET manufacturing operates lines at their facility in the southeastern US making small batches of a highly technical product used in electronics applications. The additive package for this polymer leaves large amounts of inorganics embedded in the filter media, even after traditional melt filter cleaning methods. Carolina Filters uses a physical/chemical cleaning process to polish the filters before reuse, allowing for low start-up pressure drops, assuring the end user that each filter set will remain on-line throughout each new campaign.

"Throughout my career at Carolina Filters, our unwavering commitment to new and cutting edge technology has established us as the world's leader in metallic filter cleaning and testing."



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