Petrochemical and Refining

What we see

From 3rd and 4th stage separators in FCCUs to critical catalyst and solids filtration in "bottom-of-the-barrel" processes, Carolina Filters can engineer a cleaning solution for the toughest feedstocks. Many traditional in-situ blowback cleaning processes are designed for "ideal" feedstocks, leading to drastic on-stream life reductions when changes occur. Proper cleaning and testing of metallic filters can return valuable filter elements to like-new performance.

What we do

One of the largest refineries in the US, operating both an FCCU and Solvent Deasphalting (SDA) unit, turned to Carolina Filters when their slurry oil feedstock experienced an increase in solids content. The expected on-stream life of their porous metal filters had dropped from three months to one month or less. Carolina Filters established a physical/chemical cleaning process to loosen and remove embedded asphaltenes and inorganics, and returned the filter elements to a like-new condition, recovering >98% of the lost porosity. 

After placing the elements cleaned by Carolina Filters in service, this refiner experienced on-line DPs similar to new elements and extended the on-stream life back to three months. Carolina Filters has continued serving this refiner and has successfully recovered filter elements that were destined for disposal.  

"Throughout my career at Carolina Filters, our unwavering commitment to new and cutting edge technology has established us as the world's leader in metallic filter cleaning and testing."



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