Hydraulic and Fluid Power Systems

What we see

For any fluid powered system or equipment, fluid cleanliness is critical for ensuring optimal performance and reliability. For these systems, filter elements are used to remove dirt and process debris that would otherwise lead to damage and loss of equipment efficiency. Over time, these contaminants can become deeply embedded in the filter media leading to increased in line pressures and potentially compromised fluid cleanliness. Filter cleanings can reduce eliminate the risk of equipment performance issues and provide an alternative to immediate replacement of expensive elements.

The extensive applications for use of hydraulic systems allow Carolina Filters to work with a variety of industries including aerospace, mining and metals manufacturing, construction companies, and many others. These systems use cartridge and disc filter elements constructed of wire mesh or sintered metal media. Pressure plate filter systems are another common method of hydraulic filtration. For these systems issues typically spawn from clogging of the distribution channels in the plates. Manufacturers of these filter elements and systems include, but are not limited to: Parker Hannifin, Donaldson, Pall, Eaton, MP Filtri, and MK Watermark.


What we do

The vast range applications for hydraulic systems mean the methods for cleaning their associated filter elements are equally as diverse. From systems for rolling mills to those of helicopters, the wide arrays of technologies hosted by Carolina Filters allows us to tailor an ideal cleaning process for each specific application and eliminate the deeply embedded contaminant responsible for performance issues.

When devising a cleaning procedure, we address three distinct levels of contaminants: surface-level, deeply embedded, and molecularly bound. Surface-level contaminants are the easiest to eliminate and are the primary focus of conventional cleaning technologies. Deeply embedded contaminants encompass both organic and inorganic particles that have become trapped within filter pathways or inaccessible regions of equipment and components. This category of contaminants often serves as the primary culprit behind performance issues. At Carolina Filters, we employ a range of chemical, physical, and thermal methods to effectively remove them. Finally, molecularly bound contaminants consist of oxidation and scale, which can create weak points in filter media and serve as areas where particles can accumulate and embed. The removal of these contaminants represents the ultimate step in restoring filter elements and parts to a like-new condition.

Carolina Filters has assisted numerous companies with eliminating filter related hydraulic issues. When a private helicopter company suffered from high cost of replacing cartridge filters, our cleaning solutions provided an avenue for reuse. By identifying deeply embedded metal oxide and dirt contaminant in their filter media as the root cause of increased system pressure we were able to design a cleaning method to return these elements to like-new performance.

"Throughout my career at Carolina Filters, our unwavering commitment to new and cutting edge technology has established us as the world's leader in metallic filter cleaning and testing."



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