Food and Beverage Equipment Cleaning

What we see

Within the diverse range of manufacturing processes found in the the food and beverage industry, there is a consistent need for effective contaminant prevention and reliably functioning equipment. In both product streams and utility streams such as steam, filtration plays a critical role in ensuring operations run smoothly. Over time, filter elements can become plugged with contaminants, resulting in increased online pressures and compromised product quality. Proper cleaning can return these elements to optimum functionality and mitigate the risk of defects.

Carolina Filters services a range of manufacturers in the food and beverage industry including producers of dairy products, spirits, sugar derived products, beverages, and frozen foods. These manufacturers utilize pressure leaf filters, depth filters, candles, and cartridges typically constructed of sintered metal powder and woven wire mesh media. Manufacturers of these elements include, but are not limited to: Mott, Spirax Sarco, AMA, Micronics, Durco, and Veco.

In food and beverage manufacturing, contaminant buildup can negatively impact the functionality of not only filter elements, but also various parts and equipment. Over time buildups of burnt or charred material, additives, and scaling may result in reduced efficiency and increased variability of critical equipment such cookers, heat exchangers, press plates, and product extruders. Carolina Filters provides a variety of cleaning services capable of eliminating these buildups and returning equipment to ideal performance.


What we do

From clarification filters of spirit and beverage manufacturing to catalyst reclamation cartridges of edible oil hydrogenators, our versatile technologies let us take the specific equipment and contaminant of an operation into account to design a well-tailored cleaning process. Our wide range of technology allows us to clean beyond surface level contamination and target the deeply embedded contaminant responsible for losses in functionality over time.

When designing a cleaning process, we target three different levels of contaminant; surface level, deeply embedded, and molecularly bound. Surface level contaminant is the most easily removed and is the target of traditional cleaning technologies. Deeply embedded contaminant consists of both organic and inorganic particulate that has become lodged in the pathways of the filters or difficult to reach areas of equipment and parts. This type of contaminant is most usually the root cause of poor performance. Carolina Filters employs a variety of chemical, physical, and thermal methods for their removal. Lastly, molecularly bound contaminants consist of oxidation and scale which can create points of weakness in filter media as well as propagation points for buildup and embedding of particulate. Removal of these contaminants is the final step in returning filter elements and part to like-new condition.

We have assisted many manufacturers in the food and beverage industry with our cleaning solutions. When one of the largest candy producers in the Americas was experiencing a loss of productivity due to a rotary cooker, we were able to provide a solution. By learning about and understanding their operations and contaminants, we were able to identify buildup of charred glucose as the cause of reduced heat transfer efficiency. From there we formulated a cleaning process to both target the contaminant and remove any cooker oxidation that could serve as a point of propagation for future buildups. Following our cleaning, the site confirmed the rotary cooker’s functionality had been returned to peak performance and no longer hindered productivity.

Validation of integrity and cleanliness is equal in importance to the actual cleaning process. Carolina Filters offers numerous testing methods to ensure the integrity and cleanliness of filters and parts following the cleaning process.

"Throughout my career at Carolina Filters, our unwavering commitment to new and cutting edge technology has established us as the world's leader in metallic filter cleaning and testing."



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