Cleaning Recycling Melt Filters

Cleaning Recycling Melt Filters

The addition of laser melt filters within equipment used for the processing of post-consumer recycled material increases melt quality and throughputs. Over time, as the filters become terminally plugged with contaminants from the recycling stream, cleaning is necessary. For organic contaminants, high temperature oxidation is very successful, however standard furnace burnouts can cause damage to delicate screen materials. If the contaminants vary, and include inorganic materials such as silica and aluminum, the high temperature methods will not successfully work to clear all the plugging.

Carolina Filters has developed a series of cleaning stages to remove both organics and inorganics which plug the laser etched holes within the screens. Using our Vacuum Pyrolysis technology, we can safely perform high-temperature oxidation to remove organic materials without damaging the delicate filtration screens. In addition to the organic handling through controlled high temperature oxidation, Carolina Filters has a series of chemical and mechanical cleaning techniques to successfully remove inorganics including chemical baths and ultrasonics.

To ensure that all the filter pores are free from damage and debris, Carolina Filters utilizes advanced inspection techniques to verify cleanliness so you can be assured that you are returning a clean screen to your recycling equipment.

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