Cleaning Filter Assemblies

Cleaning Filter Assemblies

Servicing polymer melt filters goes beyond the cleaning of the actual filter elements. Proper cleaning of filter housings, stems, and tubesheets are imperative to ensure the highest level of product quality. In addition to the cleaning of these critical components, Carolina Filters also has highly trained staff that perform disassembly of full filter components prior to cleaning and reassembly of all components after cleaning, providing a full turn-key filter service for our customers.

Customers who take advantage of these services provide Carolina Filters with spare filter elements, seals, and all other consumables necessary to reassemble their filters. Failing filters get removed from the assembly and replaced with spares kept in our controlled inventory. Candle filters will be properly conditioned, installed in the tubesheet, and the filter assembly will be installed in a cleaned canister with fresh seals. Disc filters will be reassembled on a cleaned stem, with new seals between each disc, and the proper preload will be applied to the stack, and the stack will be leak checked before installing into the cleaned canister.

To ensure that everything is properly set and sealed in accordance with the customer’s specifications, leak checks are performed on the canisters before shipment.

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