Cleaning Shell and Tube Heat Exchanges

Cleaning Shell and Tube Heat Exchanges

The primary purpose of a shell and tube heat exchanger design is to facilitate efficient heat transfer between two fluids, often with different temperatures, without allowing them to mix. This poses an interesting problem when cleaning a shell and tube heat exchanger because you don't want to get contaminants from either side into the other!

Cleaning shell and tube heat exchangers involves a systematic approach utilizing a combination of high temperature oxidation, specialized cleaning chemicals, and thorough flushing. After the removal of the gross contaminate, the heat exchanger components are disassembled and immersed or flushed with specialized chemicals to dissolve residual deposits and scale that can inhibit the heat-transfer process.

This multistep cleaning regimen results in the restoration of optimal heat-transfer efficiency, extending the heat exchanger’s operational life and maintaining its crucial role in industrial processes.

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