Bubble Point and Integrity Testing

Bubble Point and Integrity Testing

Bubble Point and Integrity Testing are test methods used by Carolina Filters to validate and evaluate various filters for reuse. Bubble Point measures pressure required to force liquid out of the largest pore of the filter media. This is a standardized test performed by most filter manufacturers before filters are sent to customers and those manufacturers will share this test data with CFI. This test will have a different pressure range for every media type and micron rating. This is one test point to determine if the largest pore of a filter is the correct (or acceptable) micron rating.

Full Media Testing is where Carolina Filters takes Bubble Point a step further. This test provides a measure of overall pore size within the filter media. It is used to determine overall filter condition and allows for visual of flow pattern (ie if the filter has flow localization) across the surface of the filter. It is best to compare this data after multiple cleanings to baseline data and could be used as a tool to determine the significance of a low Bubble Point. 

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