Metallic Column Packing

What we see

Metallic column packing is typically used in various industrial processes and applications where high-temperature resistance and chemical durability are required. Cleaning of column packing is necessary to maintain the performance and efficiency of the separation process. Over time, column packing can become fouled or contaminated with residues, impurities, or by-products resulting in reduced separation efficiency and leading to longer run times and poor separation quality. Cleaning of metallic column packing should be considered as part of routine maintenance, long-term storage, or during product changeovers.

What we do

The cleaning of metallic column packing utilizes various stages of chemical and mechanical cleaning. First, large particles are removed in chemical baths chosen to target the specific contaminate on the packing. Mechanical cleaning methods such as ultrasonic cleaning and advanced flushing techniques can be used to dislodge smaller particles from the packing material. Enhanced inspections are also utilized to ensure that the packing is free from all residual debris.

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