Methods of Polymer Removal

Methods of Polymer Removal

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Learn the facts on recycling and reusing expensive parts and filters through polymer removal methods.

  • Learn which depolymerization process is best for my facility's equipment, parts or filters.
  • Understand the chemistry of the polymer being removed.
  • How he process conditions are controlled during polymer removal.



Because metallurgy and construction of equipment and filters used in chemical and polymer processes are specified so that the parts can withstand the pressures, temperatures, and/or corrosiveness of those processes, the parts can be expensive. The high cost of such equipment necessitates its re-use, which creates the need for polymer removal.

Methods selected to remove the polymer depend not only on the polymer but also on the part - its configuration and metallurgy. The chemical reactivity/stability of the metal in relation to cleaning chemicals must be considered. If high temperature methods are used, temperature limitations and atmospheric environments become important. Because of the expense and fragileness of parts and filter media, special care must be used in choosing the method of polymer removal.


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